Testimonials – Love them or hate them/Read them or ignore them/Believe them or doubt them???

July 31st, 2013 whitedeerretreat

Here is one I just received from a most wonderful couple who stayed for 6 nights on a romantic getaway.
“We can’t thank you enough for sharing your beautiful place with us. It is so amazing in every way. What a joy and a treat! We have so enjoyed connecting with you and look forward to coming back soon. We are truly grateful for this very special experience.” L and J
They connected with the beauty and energy of this facility and land. They got the specialness here and it was reflected in their experience with each other. I am not kidding. They were glowing, happy, and peaceful each day.
The week before, a newly engaged couple spent their engagement night here and with big hugs just expressed so much happiness as to experiencing it in this environment.
It makes me so very happy to share that joy, which I feel here, with others.
I cannot wait for word to spread and more and more people to find and enjoy White Deer Retreat.

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