Spring has arrived at White Deer Retreat- new year-same pricing!

April 26th, 2017 whitedeerretreat

It is now what I call “chartreuse time”. That time of year when the greens of the grass and surrounding woods are so vividly green that they almost hurt your eyes. We’ve had a lot of friends stop by already just to sit outside and put their bare feet in the grass to soak up the energy of the trees and earth. The jigsaw puzzles and books are set aside. Spring clean-up, garden tilling, the planting of all the plants we raised from saved seeds are good for our soul (dirty fingernails?). On the rainy days, deep spring cleaning is happening on the inside of the house. Aaahh…spring!

This means that we are getting ready for the fabulous guests to come in the next many months to enjoy as well. Start thinking about booking a stay or retreat. Singles, couples, business groups, travelers….. We have not nor will we change our pricing at all for any time of year or special events such as the College World Series.

We hope you are shaking off the winter doldrums as well and feeling the life of springtime! Debra and Richard

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