Looking to Reduce Stress? Try a Cozy Bed and Breakfast!

February 4th, 2013 whitedeerretreat


Reducing Stress with Weekend Getaways

Most people are aware that the consequences of stress will negatively impact your mood and health. What they do not realize, is that they’re doing little to reduce stress and anxiety.


How many times have you heard the phrase “I can’t take off work” or “I’m too busy for a vacation”. People allow their jobs to keep them from doing the things they want to do. This breeds a great amount of stress. Similarly, some people cannot afford  lavish vacations or cruises, thus refraining from such activities. When you prevent your brain from resting, it dramatically decreases your quality of life.


Though working forty-hour weeks is almost necessary now, it is not natural for the human body. Our brains and bodies are not prepared for the level of stress and containment that comes with having office or retail careers.


Instead of taking a large vacations that requires a huge budget and itinerary, try escaping to a cozy cabin or a bed and breakfast. Relaxing in rustic settings puts your mind at ease and helps reduce stress because it exposes your body to nature.


Technology fills almost every room now, and people have electronic leashes instead of telecommunicating devices- so it’s easy to lose sight of where we came from. Escaping to a cozy retreat will help you break that leash.




  • 10 minutes – Chew a stick of gum
     Promotes less anxiety and more alertness. (Less cortisol-a stress hormone and more blood flow to the brain.)
  • 15 minutes – Drink some black tea
    Four servings a day produces positive results in research.  The antioxidant-packed beverage affects the brain.
  • 15 minutes – Try a DIY massage
    Rolling a tennis ball over muscles with the palm of your hand calms the sympathetic nervous system.
  • 20 minutes – Put pen to paper
    Writing about a stressful event lowers perceived stress by organizing, processing, and releasing thoughts and emotions.
  • 30 minutes – Put on music you love
    Music can elicit positive emotions and reduce cortisol.  Dancing along triggers the release of endorphins.
  • 45 minutes – Take a tech break
    Checking email and texts puts one on high alert with a heart rate that indicates stress. Shutting it off eases anxiety.
  • 60 minutes – Clean house
    Housework’s repetitive nature can help release tension by disrupting negative thought patterns and causing relaxation. 

A poem About Stress Relief

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