Spring has arrived at White Deer Retreat- new year-same pricing!

It is now what I call “chartreuse time”. That time of year when the greens of the grass and surrounding woods are so vividly green that they almost hurt your eyes. We’ve had a lot of friends stop by already just to sit outside and put their bare feet in the grass to soak up […]

White Deer Retreat, Omaha!

Here we are. Getting ready for spring clean-up. Overalls and pitchforks. We do have all our teeth and we’re still in love! Look forward to your visits in a country setting with nature. Lots of turkeys, cardinals, and migrating birds. Coyotes in the distance for ambiance. Yet we’re 15 minutes from downtown. PERFECT! https://www.facebook.com/debracp

Testimonials – Love them or hate them/Read them or ignore them/Believe them or doubt them???

Here is one I just received from a most wonderful couple who stayed for 6 nights on a romantic getaway. “We can’t thank you enough for sharing your beautiful place with us. It is so amazing in every way. What a joy and a treat! We have so enjoyed connecting with you and look forward […]

White Deer Retreat is a zoo!

It’s crazy lately. Yesterday there was a fox eating a newly killed rabbit in the yard. That’s the first time in 20 years I’ve seen a fox here. Since my dog died, the rabbits are back. The turkeys (males all feathered out) were right up by the house making a racket. There are a pair […]


OMG OUT OF TOWN VISITORS! You couln’t pick a better place for your stay in Omaha. It’s 15 minutes to the ball park and less than that to the golf course. It’s a peaceful respite out in the woods with great energy, hospitality, and food. Reserve the whole facility! No major price hikes either!

De-stress with Food – Yes, you read it right!

With all the pressures and demands placed on us by work, family, and our many other relationships, life can certainly get downright stressful at times. If you have a job, have a family, or interact with other human beings daily, then you know what I’m talking about. Unfortunately, most people reach for all the WRONG […]